Gambling has been with us for a long time, that is for sure. Some gambling games date centuries back, and have been revised through time.

One of the world’s oldest civilizations is found in China, and it is not surprising to find out if gambling has originated in China as well. In fact, there had been evidences that gambling has started originally from China, then spread all over the world.

The earliest times that gambling can be found in Chinese History was in the Xie dynasty and Shang dynasty, and the oldest form of gambling game in China is the Keno. Keno is still played today, but not as much as before. Keno is similar to our modern day lottery, where you have a card with numbers imprinted on it.

Another proof that gambling has started in China is the presence of Chinese elements in the gambling games today, even in the gambling games played widely in other countries.

China has legalized gambling mainly for the profit of the dynasty. It served as a venue for the government to get money from the citizens without the guilt feeling, because the citizens voluntarily do it, no force has been done for them to join in gambling activities.

However, there was also a time when gambling has been banned in China, but shortly after, it was legalized again. They have realized how important gambling is to their economy.

What are the gambling games played in China in the past and at present?

One of the gambling games popular in China is Mahjong, an original Chinese gambling game. Mahjong is played with tiles, and is played in social events today. The Chinese are also very fond of lottery, which has evolved from the ancient Keno. Today, horse betting is another gambling game widely played in China.

As of the moment, more gambling organizations are being founded as time goes by. Consequently, people also get tired of the same old gambling games, thus there are new ones being invented to satisfy the gambling needs of the people.

It is fun to study the evolution of something as great as gambling. It also helps in shaping the future if you know the past. The Chinese are known for their fondness of history, and the history of gambling has such a rich story to tell. Gambling has gone through a lot, regulations, changes and even banning, but, in the end, it came out victorious.